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Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya
Course duration: 1.5 hours
Course cost: £40 + VAT per candidate
Delivery method: Online or in house






This course looks at:


  • What Ofsted will look at in terms of pupil attendance, punctuality and registration


  • What data and information will be required during the inspection


  • How to collate this information ready for inspection


  • How to evidence safeguarding measures including off-rolling, pupil absence, alternative provision and exclusion.


  • A model for developing a school attendance policy

What is the course about?




This course will examine where pupil attendance lies within the new Ofsted framework, what inspectors will expect schools to demonstrate and how attendance teams can best prepare for an inspection.


It also looks at how pupil attendance and registration procedures in terms of safeguarding, and participants will complete the course having full knowledge of the requirements placed upon them in this area.

Who is the course aimed at?




This course is suitable for:

  • Governors and trustees

  • Senior and middle leaders

  • MAT leaders

  • Attendance teams

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