Our highly experienced Attendance Consultancy Team, led by Sally Beasley, have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of schools’ legal powers and responsibilities, as well as a history of success in raising attendance standards in schools!


Our team works with a variety of schools ranging from those who have already achieved above national attendance rates to those with low or falling attendance levels as well as schools with higher than national Persistent Absence (PA) rates.


The products and services that we offer are aimed at working with senior leaders and attendance leads in developing a whole school approach to improving attendance rates and reducing PA levels!


We can tailor the intervention, training or support to your school’s specific needs. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote as to what we can provide for your school.

Some of our most popular products and services are listed below: for everything else view our price list


Full Service Level Agreement which includes:

A trained consultant who will:

  • Work with your school to carry out a full attendance audit producing a clear focused action plan

  • Visits to your setting at least every term to audit cases and provide advice on appropriate escalation to the Local Authority

  • Lead whole/individual staff training when required

  • Provide advice on effective attendance record keeping

  • Carry out late gates and punctuality audits

  • Provide advice on court evidence

  • Attend family contract meetings, holiday meetings and/or pupil induction meetings

  • Attend governors meetings and parents evening

  • Provide advice and support on non-compulsory school age

  • Keep the school informed of any relevant changes in legislation


You will also receive:

  • A separate support team for door knocking and home visits on a daily basis

  • Free access to all our toolkits to support your in-school practice

  • An end of year impact summary report

Prices range between: £4500 and £7500 per year


Discounts can be applied to 2 and 3 year SLA purchases 

Service Level Agreement for challenging calls and home visits which includes:

  • General advice, via the phone or e-mail in respect to the clients attendance practices and procedures in relation to case work

  • Access to a request line from 9.30am until 4pm (term time only) to book home visits and challenging calls to be undertaken on the clients behalf

  • Challenging calls and home visits to client's families within 12-24 hours. The timing of the visits will be allocated based on priority need and consultant availability. Home visits of a safeguarding nature (a child who is on a child protection plan or children in need plan) will always take precedence

  • Feedback and guidance for the client in relation to all calls and home visits undertaken by the consultant in accordance with the client's own policy

Prices range between: £2500 and £4500 per year

Attendance Lead Training, our most popular courses include:


Reducing persistent absence in schools

Tackling term time holidays

Good habits early on: tackling non-compulsory age attendance

Improving punctuality in schools

Children missing in education and home education

Inspecting attendance

Managing attendance in an Academy

Dealing with challenging families and working together tackle absenteeism

Governor lead training (for new and experienced Governors)

Whole staff attendance training (for ALL school roles)

and much more...

£200 per session (up to 6 delegates) extra delegates are charged at £25 each, sessions are approximately 2 hours in duration

Attendance Toolkits as listed:

Tackling School Attendance - the no nonsense approach

Tackling Persistent Absenteeism

Communicating Attendance Expectations with Parents

Managing Effective Casework

Tackling Term Time Holidays in School

Academy Guidance on Prosecutions

Tackling Punctuality in School

Children Missing in Education

Attendance Week Resources

Dealing with Challenging Parents and Families in your role as an Attendance Lead

Prices range from: £50 to £200 per toolkit, please see our price list for further details


Education consultancy uniquely tailored to your individual requirements


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