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Course duration: 1.5 hours
Course cost: £40 + VAT per candidate
Delivery method: Online or in house






This course looks at:


  • The current legislation in terms of leave of absence for compulsory aged pupils


  • Landmark cases of pupil leave of absence


  • Whole school policies and procedures for reducing leave of absence during term time


  • Promoting whole school ethos regarding pupil leave of absence


  • The penalties that can be issued for unauthorised pupil absence

What is the course about?




Latest figures show that pupil leave of absence during term time have risen consistently over recent years, currently responsible for 6.2% of all pupil absence.


This course allows participants to gain a full understanding of this area, starting with an overview of landmark cases that have brought this to a very publicised topic.


It then explores what an effective leave of absence policy will include and how this can be implemented into practice.


It also provides effective ways schools can convey the expectations regarding pupil leave of absence to families and the community.


Finally, it will provide a clear understanding of the legal sanctions surrounding this area.

Who is the course aimed at?




This course is suitable for professionals holding responsibility for pupil attendance including:


  • Senior leadership teams

  • MAT leaders

  • Governors

  • Attendance teams

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