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Course duration: 2 days

Course cost: £110 + VAT per candidate
Manual and student pack included

Delivery method: Blended

Training complies with HSE and OFSTED requirements
Accredited course certified for 3 years


The blended Paediatric First Aid course consists of 2 steps and is to be completed in the order detailed below:

Step 1 involves completing an interactive eLearning course. The course booker will receive the eLearning access details approximately 14 days prior to the face-to-face session. The details can be sent sooner if required however it's our recommendation the eLearning is completed within a 14 day period prior to the practical session. The eLearning can be done at the learners own pace and can be completed in more than 1 sitting as the progress is saved. The eLearning is designed to take 6 hours however this time differs depending on the learners IT skills and prior knowledge of the subject.


Step 2 is a 1-day face-to-face course where candidates will learn, demonstrate and be assessed on all of the practical sections of the course. This is the session that will provide you with practical skills to support your new theoretical knowledge.




  • Scene assessment.

  • Primary survey - Infant, Child, Adult.

  • Increase understanding and ability to deal with a medical emergency in a child care setting.

  • Identify and manage an unconscious casualty.

  • Perform effective CPR to an Infant, Child or Adult in cardiac arrest.

  • Provide treatment to an Infant, Child or Adult who is choking.

  • Provide first aid to a casualty that is bleeding and in shock.

  • Recognise and manage a casualty suffering seizure, asthma, croup.

  • Be able to provide first aid for minor injuries likely to be experienced in a childcare setting.

What does this course cover?

Who is the course aimed at?




Our blended paediatric first aid course meets both HSE and OFSTED requirements and is aimed at meeting the needs all qualified level two or three early years candidates.  This training provides all learners with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge to deal with a range of paediatric first aid situations which may arise when looking after children. 


Our blended paediatric first aid course requires candidates to complete an online course (6 hours) session to gain the theoretical knowledge, followed by a one day face to face session where candidates will learn and be assessed on all the practical skills required for the qualification.  On successful completion of the course you will be issued with your certificate in paediatric first aid which lasts for 3 years.  

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