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Teenage Students Raising Hands
Course duration: 1.5 hours
Course cost: £40 + VAT per candidate
Delivery method: Online or in house






This course looks at:

  • How school’s policies and procedures can impact positively on pupil absenteeism


  • Implementing whole school strategies to reduce the number of PA pupils in school


  • Ways schools can track and monitor pupil attendance data in order to effectively tackle persistent absenteeism


  • How to undertake individual casework to improve the attendance of PA pupils


  • How to identify and effectively tackle different categories of absenteeism

What is the course about?




Persistent absence can impact significantly on a pupil’s learning and progress. Much of the work children miss when they are absent from school is not recovered, leaving pupils at a considerable disadvantage for the remainder of their school career.


Schools are expected to monitor and effectively reduce persistent absenteeism.


This course looks at how schools can adopt a strategic and effective practices in order to prevent persistent absence, identify pupils who are at risk of becoming persistently absent, and work with pupils already in this category.


Using high quality slides and material, participants will be able adopt tried and tested techniques into their own practice in order to effectively tackle this area. 

Who is the course aimed at?




This course is suitable for professionals holding responsibility for pupil attendance including:


  • Senior leadership teams

  • MAT leaders

  • Governors

  • Attendance teams

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