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Girls in School Uniform
Course duration: 1.5 hours
Course cost: £40 + VAT per candidate
Delivery method: Online or in house






This course looks at:

  • The legal duties placed upon schools to promote attendance and reduce pupil absenteeism


  • Identifying the role of the school, governing body, local authority, key staff and parents in terms of achieving regular attendance


  • How schools can effectively increase pupil attendance using a coordinated approach


  • Provide examples of good practice schools can adopt in promoting attendance


  • How to work with families to improve attendance

What is the course about?




While the legal responsibility in ensuring children of compulsory school age regularly  attend the school at which they are on roll lies with parents, good attendance is secured when there is a strong culture of partnership between the Local Authority, School Governors, head teachers, parents and other partners each with clearly expressed and understood roles and responsibilities.


This course looks at how schools can work with key agencies and families to ensure all pupils receive a suitable education which allows them to gain their full potential.


Participants will be able to maximise their own practice in order to achieve best outcomes.

Who is the course aimed at?




This course is suitable for professionals holding responsibility for pupil attendance including:


  • Senior leadership teams

  • MAT leaders

  • Governors

  • Attendance teams

  • Attendance officers

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