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Contact us for a free no-obligation quote as to what we can provide for your school.

Some of our most popular products and services are listed below: for everything else view our price list


For schools seeking an independent evaluation of their own performance. Our range of whole school reviews will enable you and your staff to be fully prepared for a real inspection, provide you with self-evaluation advice, school improvement support and/or moderate your judgements against the current Ofsted Framework. The brief is entirely up to you.


This individual review is carried out by experienced consultants and will help prepare any type of school for either an inspection or its next cycle of school improvement planning.


Key benefits and outcomes of a review:

  • To help make sure your school is up to date with Ofsted requirements;

  • Validate your own self-evaluation and create a solid evidence base for your own judgements;

  • Provide you with suggested school improvement actions;

  • Work with consultants, so that you fully understand the new inspection framework;

  • A fresh, objective about your school’s performance;

  • Be Ofsted ready.

Each review is designed to support school self-evaluation by helping you to identify the strengths and key priorities for your school. Reviews can be tailored made to suit the needs of the individual school.


They can include:

  • Analysis of the ASP/IDSR and the preparation of hypothesis for inspection trails;

  • Discussion about school data and how this can be presented and analysed;

  • A series of whole school learning walks with a specific focus. For example, writing, phonics, maths or cross-curricular work;

  • Pupil work scrutinies;

  • Pupil interviews/discussions;

  • Reviews of policies and procedures;

  • Commentary/advice on the quality of your self-evaluation or other school documents;

  • Commentary/advice on the quality of monitoring;

  • Joint lesson observations and quality assurance of judgements;

  • Senior leaders/subject leaders’ interviews;

  • Interviews of the governing body;

  • Safeguarding reviews including statutory responsibilities;

  • Behaviour and safety including analysing behaviour logs.

The details and outcome of the report are fully confidential to the school!


Optional Packages:

We can offer one-day or two-day reviews with a consultant to undertake pre-arranged activities from the list above with a comprehensive report and action points. For all prices please see our price list.

Contract Review

A full analysis of your schools IDSR or ASP (this will give you key lines of enquiry for your next inspection)

Ofsted’s interest in data is of a high priority when preparing for a school inspection. The IDSR and ASP are the main documents looked at before an inspection starts!

Our Ofsted trained consultants will produce a full expert analysis which will identify:

  • The key strengths and weaknesses for your school.

  • Key questions, and lines of enquiry, which might be asked by an inspection team, Academy Sponsor or the Local Authority when carrying out a review of your school.

  • Activities which the school could undertake to provide evidence for inspection trails.

  • Context of the school and how your school compares to other schools nationally.

  • Reports on the key findings regarding pupil’s attainment and their progress.

  • A specific analysis for pupils who receive pupil premium and any key findings for this group of pupils.

ALL reports are fully bespoke to your institution!

Price per package: 
Infant or Junior Schools £350
Primary Schools and Primary Academies (up to 2 form entry) £450
Larger Primary School and Secondary Schools/Academies (3 form entry plus) £500

We can also provide training to help you and your governors understand the IDSR and ASP documents. Our courses are run by trained Ofsted inspectors! £350 for a 2 hour session

Kids on Ipads.jpg

Review of pupil premium spending (including a full report for governors)


Our highly skilled team will carry out a 2 day review which will include:

  • Half day preparation out of school analysing relevant documents.

  • One full day in school completely bespoke to your setting to carry out the review .

  • Half day comprising a comprehensive report with recommendations of how you can improve your provision

The two days will involve our consultants analysing the school SEF and School Development Plan, school current tracking data, school ASP, attendance and exclusion information and the schools Pupil Premium Action Plan. Learning walks and discussion with key stakeholders will also be undertaken.

Price for 2 days: £1600


Ofsted website health check – ensure your website is compliant

Do you know what Ofsted look at when viewing your website?

We can check your website to ensure it meets Ofsted requirements. 

Our Ofsted consultants will spend time reviewing your website. They will complete an audit which will then be sent to your school. Our audit will confirm whether you meet the requirements and will inform you of any necessary changes and updates that will need to be made.

£195 per school for a completed report with points to consider or purchase the audit tool for £75

Producing your Key Lines of Enquiry for your next inspection

When preparing to inspect your school Ofsted inspectors will produce some Key Lines of Enquiry (KLE’s) to follow during the inspection. They do this by analysing the school website, previous inspection report, Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR), school pupil premium and sports reports.

Our Ofsted trained consultants can look at these documents and prepare some KLE in the same way Ofsted inspectors do. This will enable you to be prepared and ready for your next inspection.

This analysis will:

  • Help to identify some KLE that could be looked at during an inspection.

  • Identify the key strengths and developments for your school.

  • Give you the opportunity to ensure that the KLE are covered in your school development plan and any impact referenced in your School Self Evaluation (SEF).

  • Have the opportunity to ‘hit the ground running’ before an inspection.


1 full day of consultants time plus report for £600

Governor training as listed:


  • Preparing Governors for an Ofsted inspection

  • Understanding primary data

  • Understanding British values

  • Understanding the importance of the curriculum

  • What Governors need to know about teaching and learning

  • Level 1 Safeguard training

  • What Governors need to know about leadership and management

  • Governors roles and responsibilities

  • Understanding sports and pupil premium

  • How Governors can challenge senior leaders


Preparation for Ofsted training as listed:


  • Discussions with senior and middle leaders

  • Discussions with governors

  • Staff meeting to prepare staff

  • An inspector calls training for governors and staff – what to expect during an inspection


£200 per session (up to 6 delegates) extra delegates are charged at £25 each, sessions are approximately 2 hours in duration

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