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Attendance & Welfare services


Service level agreement

We offer a high level of attendance support with our service level agreement. We guarantee to deliver the most resilient and cost-effective attendance solutions to ensure your school attendance runs smoothly and efficiently.


Challenging calls and home visits

This is the perfect solution when it comes to improving attendance and performance levels. Our unique service provides customers with both home visits and challenging calls to ensure the best possible results in improving attendance.


Attendance audit and action plan

We offer an attendance audit and action plan to help schools identify challenges and find solutions to improve attendance. We understand the importance of attendance in school and how it can impact students’ learning, so our team is dedicated to helping schools reduce absenteeism and improve attendance.


Attendance helpline

We provide comprehensive attendance support services for schools, including a helpline phone support system and comprehensive attendance tracking. Our in-house experts are available to offer tailored activity plans to ensure that attendance levels remain high throughout the course of the school year.


Casework supervision

We provide school attendance casework to support children and young people attend school and reach their educational goals. Our experienced team of professionals will work directly with families to identify and address the underlying issues causing the student's poor attendance.

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