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Full Attendance Service Level Agreement

This includes a trained consultant who will:

  • Work with your school to carry out a full attendance audit producing a clear focused action plan.

  • Visits to your setting at least every term to audit cases and provide advice on appropriate escalation to the Local Authority.

  • Lead whole/individual staff training when required.

  • Provide advice on effective attendance record keeping.

  • Carry out late gates and punctuality audits.

  • Provide advice on court evidence.

  • Attend family contract meetings, holiday meetings and/or pupil induction meetings.

  • Attend governors meetings and parents evening.

  • Provide advice and support on non-compulsory school age.

  • Keep the school informed of any relevant changes in legislation.


You will also receive:

  • A separate support team for door knocking and home visits on a daily basis.

  • Free access to all our toolkits to support your in-school practice.

  • An end of year impact summary report.

Attendance helpline and casework supervision also included

Cost: Between £4500 and £7500 per year

Pupil safe and well service




Tailored support during the school holidays.

Designed to support schools address the needs of every family, including:


  • Home visits during school holidays to extend existing safeguarding procedures.

  • Individual attendance action plans designed to promote attendance for families known to be facing barriers with achieving regular attendance.

  • Provide tailored support for vulnerable families.

  • Supporting schools and families during transition periods.

  • Supporting schools with attendance drives and initiatives.

* service not available during the Christmas holidays.

Cost: Between £1500 and £2000 per year

Casework supervision




Designed to provide support for your existing attendance team, this includes:


  • Providing guidance on individual cases.

  • Advise on whole school strategies designed to promote attendance of all pupils.

  • Review procedures and practice.

  • Provide updates on DfE regulations and share best practice.

  • Policy reviews.

  • Training.

Cost: £50 per hour

Service Level Agreement for challenging calls and home visits

This includes:

  • General advice, via the phone or e-mail in respect to attendance practices and procedures in relation to case work.

  • Access to a request line from 9.30am until 4pm (term time only) to book home visits and challenging calls to be undertaken on the clients behalf.

  • Challenging calls and home visits to client's families within 12-24 hours. The timing of the visits will be allocated based on priority need and consultant availability. Home visits of a safeguarding nature (a child who is on a child protection plan or children in need plan) will always take precedence.

  • Feedback and guidance for the client in relation to all calls and home visits undertaken by the consultant in accordance with the client's own policy.

Attendance helpline also included

Casework supervision can be added at an additional cost

Cost: Between £2500 and £4500 per year

Attendance helpline


Year-round access to a daily support system designed to assist schools with attendance queries, including:

  • Designated telephone number and email address.

  • Support for experienced staff and those new to the role.

  • Advise on procedures and practice.

  • Share best practice.

  • Information on DfE guidance and regulations.

  • Advise on how to improve the attendance of individual and groups of pupils.

  • Ensure safeguarding procedures are followed correctly.

Cost: £650 per year

Attendance audit and action plan





Designed to identify existing strengths in reducing pupil absence, and where
further development is required to ensure attendance is maximised for all
pupil, including:


  • A review of attendance policies, practice, procedures, and strategies.

  • An analysis of data.

  • Identifying training needs.

  • Ensuring the school is prepared for an  Ofsted inspection.

  • Identifying any safeguarding issues relating to attendance.

  • Devising a whole school attendance action plan presented in a detailed report.

Cost: £650


Full Safeguarding Service Level Agreement

This includes:


  • General advice in respect of the client’s safeguarding policies and procedures.

  • Advice on-site, by telephone or email, attendance at meetings to support with any case work issues.

  • Providing updates and changes in relation to current guidance and legislation to include staff newsletters.

  • To undertake on-site staff supervisions and wellbeing meetings.

  • Undertaking an on-site annual safeguarding audit.

  • Supporting and advise with completion of S175 audit.

  • Attendance, if required at any governor evening meetings (requires appropriate notice).

  • Conducting whole school assemblies or classroom-based sessions for pupils.

  • Supporting with preparing for Ofsted (SCR audit, discussions with DSL).



  • Provide CPD training for all staff and governors (1 x annual refresher training).

  • Provide up to date safer recruitment training for senior management/governors (3 members of staff annually).

  • Mental health first aid training level 3 (distance learning).

  • Junior first aid training (2 classes of 30).

  • Provide mandatory DSL training for the safeguarding team.

  • One training session for whole staff on prevent.

Cost: Between £3500 and £5000 per year

Other Safeguarding services we offer




  • On-going annual advice by telephone or email as a point of contact regarding safeguarding and child protection queries from schools: £800

  • 3 x ½ day visits per year to support and advise schools in relation to casework, audits, development of safeguarding systems (bespoke and individualised according to school needs): £1200

  • Provide individualised pre and post inspection support: £800

  • Annual safeguarding audit including advice and written report: £500

  • Safeguard training for governors/trustees, half day: £300

  • Safer recruitment training, 1 day: £85 per candidate

  • DSL training, half day: £45 per candidate, full day: £65 per candidate

  • Safeguarding annual update training for all staff, 2 hours: £250 for up to 50 candidates

Helen Debney, Deputy Headteacher, Brickhouse Primary School

'Working with Instill-Excellence has been a very positive experience for school. The staff are professional and dedicated to supporting our individual requirements. Instill's support has had a very positive impact on our attendance figures and has enabled us to tackle non attendance in a more effective way than we could have managed with only in school staff.'


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